Over the past 35 years, British Columbia’s salt-water sport-fishing industry has undergone substantial evolutionary change. All but gone are the days of rudimentary fishing camps with small aluminum boats and minimal creature comforts, thanks to a pair of ambitious business partners who arrived on the scene in 1988 with two Boston Whalers and a problem to solve.

Historical Timeline

1981 Season
First visit to the Pacific Northwest
Rick Grange ventures into the marine wilderness of British Columbia’s west coast. He experiences its raw beauty and superlative Salmon fishing for the first time.
1988 Season
Inaugural scouting of the area
Brian Legge joins Rick Grange as a partner. They purchase two Boston Whalers, hire seasoned guides and take over a block of rooms at a lodge on Graham Island to host guests.
1988 Fall
A fishing club is born
Rick and Brian realize there has to be a better way to accommodate their guests. They decide to construct a land-based lodge from which to offer the ultimate fishing experience.
the west coast fishing club two men fishing in 1988
1989 Season
Acquisition of North Island Lodge
While the land-based lodge is being constructed, a five-year old barge is acquired and renovated into high-quality, rustic yet elegant accommodations.
1989 Season
Work begins on The Clubhouse
Ground is broken and within a year the rudimentary foundations of what is to become The Clubhouse is completed.
the west coast fishing club - construction begins in 1989
1990 Season
North Island Lodge opens
In Beal Cove on the lee side of Langara Island, the northernmost point in the Queen Charlottes, North Island Lodge operates for its first season.
the west coast fishing club - north island lodge fishing boat
1991 Season
The Clubhouse opens
The Clubhouse staff welcome their first guests. Posh accommodations and an array of superb food and wine complement the world’s best ocean fishing.
the west coast fishing club - the clubhouse in 1991
1998 Season
Helicopters enhance the experience
The decision is made to charter guests from Vancouver to a Masset airport, where helicopters await to take them to the lodge. Other lodge operators have no other option but to follow suit.
the west coast fishing club - red helicopter flying in the sky
2000 Spring
Devastating news
Fisheries & Oceans announces that a zero-possession limit for Chinook Salmon in the waters off Langara Island is being considered.
2001 Season
The Outpost opens
The possession ban doesn’t materialize and the new The Outpost welcomes guests to enjoy its exclusive luxurious environment and incredible fishing on the wild west coast of Graham Island.
the west coast fishing club - the outpost
2001 Season
New headquarters
An office is secured just steps away from Vancouver International Airport’s south terminal. Now staff can see guests off and provide assistance upon their return.
Inaugural Fishing for Kids Tournament
An annual fishing tournament to raise money for BC children’s charities and enhance the company’s efforts toward corporate responsibility is started.
2006 Season
2007 Season
David Hawksworth & Friends Culinary Adventure
The Clubhouse staff welcome their first guests. Posh accommodations and an array of superb food and wine complement the world’s best ocean fishing.
the west coast fishing club - david hawksworth culinary adventure
2010 Spring
Renamed, but still remarkable
The name of The Queen Charlotte Islands officially changes to Haida Gwaii. It means “islands of the people” in the language of the original habitants.
the west coast fishing club - haida gwaii
2013 Season
A banner year
June through to the end of September 2013 was a season to remember. Guests enjoy a record number of calm sunny days along with consistently explosive Salmon fishing.
Friends of The Yakoun River Society
Haida Gwaii Salmon Unlimited donates $100,000 to save the Yakoun Hatchery, one of the most important natal rivers on the northern coast.
2015 Season
2016 Season
Far Beyond Culinary Series Begins
A partnership with Canada's 100 Best spawns a new culinary series, bringing the most talented chefs to Haida Gwaii on specifically themed fishing trips.
2017 Season
FFK Reaches $8.5 Million Milestone
The Fishing For Kids Tournament announces a total over $8.5 million has been raised in its 12-year history in support of BC children's charities.
the fishing for kids tournament - group of people wearing canucks jerseys
2018 Season
30-Year Anniversary
The West Coast Fishing Club celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special season of events.
the west coast fishing club - three men holding large fish
Shortly after welcoming guests back to The Clubhouse for the 2020 season, WCFC had to cancel the remainder of the season in accordance with COVID-19 government mandates.
2020 Season
2021 Season
With the announcement of recreational travel reopening in British Columbia, The Club was thrilled to welcome guests back to The Clubhouse and The Outpost in 2021.
2023 Season
2023 marked The West Coast Fishing Club’s 35th year of Far Beyond adventures.
the west coast fishing club - 35 year anniversary