Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Booking

The West Coast Fishing Club will do everything possible to ensure your trip is the best it can be. There are a few items beyond our control that we cannot be held responsible for:

  • Weather conditions for flights or fishing
  • Vancouver accommodation and travel arrangements beyond

Terms & Conditions of payment

A. In order to confirm a reservation, a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000.00) deposit (the “Deposit”) is required to be paid per person upon receipt of the invoice. The Deposit is completely non-refundable in all respects.

B. Above and beyond the Deposit, the remaining balance due and owing by each person is due and payable as follows:

I. fifty percent (50%) on December 15th and;

II. fifty percent (50%) on or before that date which is ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled departure date.

C. Cancellation Policy

I. in the event a person’s trip is cancelled ninety-one (91) or more days prior to the scheduled departure date for any season, WCFC shall credit all monies paid to date less the Deposit, which shall be forfeited in all respects. Such credit to remain useable by such cancelling person for a period of one (1) year following the date of termination, for a trip on the same terms, subject to availability;

II. in the event that a person elects to cancel his or her trip ninety (90) or fewer days prior to the scheduled departure date, all monies paid by such person or on behalf of such person shall be forfeited in all respects. WCFC shall use its best efforts to re-sell such spot which was cancelled and, to the extent such cancelling person has complied with the payment terms herein and WCFC succeeds in selling such spot to a replacement traveler, WCFC agrees to remit eighty percent (80%) of the amount so received from the replacement traveler to the person who cancelled his or her trip.