Guest Services


Our Guest Services section provides all information required to prepare for your trip. From our important forms and preferred hotels, to departure and arrival times, packing list and more. Everything you need to know can be found on these pages.

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Before You Go


Make sure you have everything you need before embarking on your journey. On this page, you will find important forms that must be filled out in advance, and you will learn about where to stay in Vancouver, what to bring in your suitcase, and more.

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Trip Information


Feed your excitement by reading about what you can expect from your trip. On this page, you will find check-in & departure information, and you will learn about what your days might look like at The West Coast Fishing Club.


Frequently Asked Questions

general Information

What is not included in our all-inclusive packages?

Taxes, fishing licences, gratuities, room incidentals, lodge charges (i.e., wine cellar, specialty liquor, beer on boats) and custom processing of your fish are not included in your trip purchase price. Hard alcohol is included at The Clubhouse and The Outpost.

Do you have an age limit for children?

We like to recommend that children be 12 years and older before their first visit to our properties. However, we understand all children are different and your Client Services Representative would be happy to discuss your particular situation with you.

What identification do I need when entering Canada?

When entering Canada by any means of transportation you are required by law to have your passport. Upon checking into The West Coast Fishing Club check in desk we require you to have government issue photo ID to board our plane.

How often are the website fishing reports updated?

We make every effort to update our fishing reports as frequently as possible throughout the season with the most current information we receive from our lodge managers.

What if I've never fished before?

We recommend our guided package for truly novice anglers. The guides will teach you everything you need/want to know and you'll come home a better fisherman. Our self-guided trips are suitable for guests with boat handling and saltwater fishing experience. For self-guided packages, our dock staff and Fish Master's will be happy to review all the equipment with you prior to heading out on the water to familiarize you with the fishing grounds and share some tips and techniques. If you are fishing self-guided we require that you have a pleasure craft operators card and you must undergo a quick safety checklist before the trip begins.

HOTEl Information

Can you recommend some hotels for me to stay at before and after my trip?

Our hotel partners are the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, located in downtown Vancouver, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport located near the departure terminal in Richmond, and Marriott Vancouver Airport Hotel, Sheraton Vancouver Airport and Versante Hotel - all conveniently located a short distance from the Main and South YVR terminals. Please visit our Before You Go page for contact info and other local Vancouver suggestions.

Are there shuttles to and from the hotels and the airport?

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, Sheraton Vancouver Airport, Marriott Vancouver Airport Hotel, and Versante Hotel each provide shuttles to and from the South Terminal as do most hotels in Richmond. The Rosewood Hotel Georgia is located in Downtown Vancouver and offers a complimentary shuttle to groups of 10 guests or more to and from the South Terminal. There is also a complimentary shuttle service operating between the Main and South YVR terminals.

TRIP Information

Where do we depart and arrive from and when do I need to be there?

Your trip begins at the South Terminal YVR (4440 Cowley Crescent, Richmond, BC V7B 1W4), which is located approximately 10 minutes by car from the main international YVR Airport. You must be at the South Terminal YVR at 7:30 AM on the morning of your departure. For most of our guests this requires an overnight stay in Vancouver the night prior to your departure.

What time is check-in?

Check-in for The Clubhouse and The Outpost is Thursdays and Sundays at 7:30 AM.

What time should I schedule my flight home?

Arrival time at the South Terminal in Vancouver is set for 3:00 PM barring any unforeseen delays. We recommend that any connecting flights not be scheduled for at least three (3) hours for domestic flights and four (4) hours for international flights after our scheduled arrival time.

How long is the travel time to the lodge?

Barring unforeseen weather or mechanical delays you should arrive at The Clubhouse or The Outpost lodges anytime after 11 AM. This allows two hours from Vancouver to Masset and one hour for transfer and travel from Masset to the lodge.

What sort of charter aircraft do you use?

Air transportation from Vancouver to Masset is by an Avro RJ 85 aircraft. You will then be transported to the lodge via S76 helicopters.

What sort of weather should I expect?

Haida Gwaii is a beautiful temperate rainforest, with average annual rainfall of 70 to 170 inches. It rains practically every day, so that means ¼" to ½" can fall every 24 hours. Average temperatures during the fishing season range from 50° to 70°F.

Tide Charts for The Outpost (Port Louis) can be found here. Tide Charts for The Clubhouse (Langara Island) can be found here.

What should I bring or pack?

All medication and personal identification documents should be packed in your carry-on baggage. A camera and/or video camera plus any required spare batteries, sunglasses, sunscreen, bathing suit for the hot tub and warm clothing in various weights suitable for layering. Please bring warm layers for under your rain gear while fishing. Your belongings should fit in one 25 pound soft-sided bag. We ask for your assistance in making sure you adhere to our weight restrictions. As your luggage does not always arrive on the same helicopter you do, please pack your fishing clothes in your carry-on bag to ensure you can get out on the water as soon as you arrive at the lodge.

What do you wear underneath your rain gear?

Most guests prefer comfortable layers; long underwear or sweatpants, long sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck plus a fleece or sweater. Warm, thick, comfortable socks and a toque are also advisable. Please note we provided fully waterproof pants, jackets, and boots for your time on the water.

Are there hair dryers in the rooms?

The Clubhouse has hairdryers in each guest room and The Outpost housekeeping staff would be happy to provide you with a hair dryer upon request.

What fitness equipment and spa facilities are available at The Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse gym has all the work out equipment you will need to burn off any excess energy after a long day out on the water. You will find cardio machines such as a Peloton, along with a variety of free weights. The spa facilities are complete with a sauna, steam room, 2 hot tubs, and massage room with a full time Masseuse on staff.

What sort of dining can I expect?

Our culinary services have been likened to "a Four Seasons in the wilderness". You will enjoy a world class culinary experience at each sitting. Trained at some of the best culinary schools in the world, our executive chefs offer gourmet creations each day of your trip featuring a variety of local BC seafood, premium meats as well as specialty and organic produce. Snacks around the lodge are always plentiful and should you not wish to come in for lunch each day you can arrange to have your lunch delivered to you on the water and we will always do our best to accommodate any special dietary requests. Please be sure to notify our Client Services team of any allergies before your trip begins.

INTERNET & Communication

Do cell phones work at the lodge?

There is no cellular service at either lodge; however, Wi-Fi calling and texting options are available for iOS and Android users. Please note, it is best to enable this feature prior to losing cellular service. There are also landlines available for guest use at both The Clubhouse and The Outpost.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Starlink wireless internet is available at both lodges. There is no cellular service at either lodge; however, Wi-Fi calling and texting options are available for iOS and Android users. Please note, it is best to enable this feature prior to losing cellular service.


Can I upgrade my package once I get there?

While we will make every attempt possible to upgrade your package upon arrival, we are normally fully booked each trip and last minute availabilities for alternate rooms and additional guides are rare. Your Client Services Representative will be happy to note guide and room requests for you at the time of booking to ensure you get the exact package you require.

How many hours can I spend on the water?

If you've purchased a guided package, it entitles you to 10 hours per day on the water; typically 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Our self-guided guests may fish from 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM in order to allow for enough time to locate boats before dark.

What are some of the activities at the lodges other than fishing?

Our guides are excellent tour and nature guides and will gladly take you on sightseeing and wildlife cruises. The Clubhouse features a workout room, two Jacuzzi hot tubs, steam room and on-site masseuse. The Outpost has a hot tub as well as kayaks and paddle boards that can be used to explore beautiful Port Louis.

Do you have a tipping guideline and is it safe to bring cash to the lodge?

Gratuities are a reflection of how you have enjoyed your trip with The West Coast Fishing Club. Over the last few years, the gratuity for a guide has ranged from $70 to $100 per guest per day. The gratuity for the hotel and dock staff has ranged from $55 to $75 per guest per day. You are welcome to bring cash and we have a safe for our guests who require. You can also add gratuities to your room charges at the end of your trip and pay by credit card.


Do I need a fishing licence and where can I purchase one?

A Pacific Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence is required for every guest. To streamline your experience the morning of check-in, we ask that you complete your saltwater fishing licences online before your trip - find online form here. We suggest the 5 day or Annual option depending on your requirements. Please ensure you add the Salmon Conservation Stamp. You are required to have a physical copy of your licence while on the water. If you require assistance obtaining your fishing licence, please contact your Client Services Representative.

I am a self-guided guest, do I require any type of licence to operate the boat?

Yes, as of September 9, 2009, all self-guided guests are required by law to have their Pleasure Craft Operators Card on them while on the water. If you are a Canadian citizen and do not have this card, please click here to take the exam. The exam can be studied for and written online. If you are not able to do this prior to arrival, or are a non-Canadian citizen, you will need to go through a 15 minute orientation that includes a rental boat checklist upon arrival at the lodge prior to fishing.

Are there any options for fish processing?

Our package includes the cleaning, packaging, vacuum packing, and flash freezing of your fish for taking home. Should you wish to consider specialty processing we can forward your fish to St Jeans Cannery for smoking, canning, portioning and any other forms you may desire. Click here to see our Fish Processing Options.


How much fish can I bring home?

Due to limited space on our planes, we ask that you limit your home fresh fish and bags to a total of 70lbs per person. The rest of your fish can of course be sent to one of our professional processors.

How long can I travel with my frozen fish?

Your fish will be flash frozen and should easily endure your return day's worth of travel. If you are spending the night in Vancouver at the end of your trip, make sure you ask the hotel to store your catch in their freezer until you leave. All of our partner hotels offer fish storage and handling.

Where can I store my fish after my trip if I am staying longer in Vancouver?

Each of our partnering hotels offer fish storage for the duration of your stay.