Ebb & Flow Week 4 ~ June 15, 2017

June 15, 2017

By Deepwater DonI love hearing from first-time visitors to The Club’s lodges. Invariably they say the same things I said after my inaugural trip to The Clubhouse in 2010. This one comes from first-time guest Nick Standish, who is wrapping up his first trip today.“I’ve been to 21 different countries and stayed in five-star hotels from Asia to Europe and South America, but I have never had such an amazing experience and service created for me and other guests. From the minute we arrived in Masset, it’s been world class and first class the entre time. We plan to make this an annual tradition.”Yup, it has that effect alright. And he hadn’t yet had the hot garlic prawns and white wine delivered to your boat treatment when he sent that note. He also said the fishing has been hot and cold, which is a fair assessment about the season so far friends, with things a bit more on the cold side than we normally see by this time. Still, it seems that all guests are getting the opportunity to catch their limit of Chinook Salmon. Nick and his buddy Derek Beaulieu each got their limit of Chinook Salmon, Halibut and Lingcod and are now reluctantly on their way home. Nick wanted me to emphasize the competitive nature of their friendship and to casually mention that he bested Derek on the size front with a chrome 24 lb Chinook caught off McPherson Point.

First-time guest Nick Standish with a 24 lb Chinook caught off McPherson Point.The Club’s own Chris Dale was up on the weekend and said the weather was glorious with all guests getting a good number of Salmon and Halibut. The Salmon remain on the small side still, although getting bigger with each passing week. Just one Tyee so far at The Clubhouse, but a total of four at North Island Lodge, including a league-leading 41, as mentioned last week, for Dan Ternoway. The weather had been tough earlier in the week with wind from the southeast. Although somewhat unusual, that turned out well as guides fished in the shelter of the west side with good success at Lepas Bay and Fish Bowl. Lacy Island has also been producing fish of late, and lots of Halibut are still being picked up on deep-run Salmon rods. Cabbage Patch has also produced well at times this year, and certainly did for me and my family group a couple of weeks back.

A double header for Kirk McLean and Nick James.

Chris Dale, Nick James and Kirk McLean with their Chinook Salmon.

Guests enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the solarium dining room.

Having trouble choosing an appetizer? Why not try them all!

On the subject of food, the Back Deck Bourbon Barbeque played to a sold-out venue at The Clubhouse, with long-time Fishing for Kids Tournament Master Derek Nyrose among those taking in the sophisticated offerings of world-renowned pit-master Tuffy Stone. This event was tailor-made for guys like Derek, who have a fondness for two things from the deep south - barbeque cuisine and Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Woodford Reserve and Jack Daniel’s brand ambassador Ryan Cheverie was on hand for the entire trip. Ryan is a mixology innovator of the highest order, as exemplified on day one when he hosted a lunch-time cocktail hour with his take on the classic Caesar - the "Tennesseecaesar" in which he swapped out the vodka for Jack Daniels bourbon.

Tuffy Stone, Rob Ratcliffe and Jeff Hayes showcasing St. Louis cut ribs finished with Cool Smoke barbeque sauce.

Ryan Cheverie mixing up a Caesar with a twist - "Tennesseecaesar."I should also report that North Island Lodge has been getting rave restaurant reviews from guests all season long, thanks to Culinary Rookie-of-the-Year prospects, executive chef Luke Mussato and sous chef Alan Partridge. Nice work gentlemen.

North Island Lodge Executive chef Luke Mussato and sous chef Alan Partridge.Word has it that the bite is still on at The Outpost, but just to be extra diligent I am going to tear myself away from the office and amble up there myself next week with my sidekick Bluewater Bernard and report live and direct from wild western shores of Graham Island (the modified names with which we are both cursed are by-products of a near-legendary Tuna outing some 14 nautical miles out from Port Louis, where the water is, well, “Deep” and “Blue”). The first guests of the year at The Outpost were treated to fabulous fishing right from the start of the year on June 2 and Bernard and I are optimistic that trend will continue. With just seven boats to work unfettered over some 15 square miles of ocean, The Outpost is always an altogether unique experience. Not only that, but the weather forecast appears stellar so we are raring to go!

Kirk McLean enjoying the calm seas and sun peaking through the clouds.Top fish of late for The Clubhouse are as follows: The June 4-8 (Back Deck Bourbon Barbeque trip) saw Bob Hansen prevail over all other anglers with a 26, followed by Ryan Wood with a fish just a few ounces lighter. Mixmaster Ryan Cheverie got out from behind the bar for a short while and was rewarded with a 24 for his efforts. On the Halibut hunt, Jason Green and Sabino Luevano finished one and two with released fish of 100 and 90 pounds, respectively.

Carter Andrews, Tuffy Stone, Jeff Hayes and Evan Russell with their catch.The subsequent top numbers for The Clubhouse were a 28 for David Beck, a 27.5 for Joe Feraco and a 24.5 for Curtis Bandravala. Steven Pavelich takes over the season lead in the Halibut category after a 200-pound catch and release earlier this week. Travis Hodges hit a daily double with releases of 180 and 80 pounds (no need to hit the gym this week Travis). And what’s this?! A 42-pound lingcod for Dick Ballie? Don’t blame you for sending that one back home Dick. Lingcod of that size are senior citizens and rather nasty looking to boot. Not a lot of Coho so far friends, but Chris Neely managed to find a ten-pound version this last trip so no doubt more will show up in the days ahead.

Joe Feraco with his 27.5 lb Chinook Salmon.

Nick James with a beautiful Chinook.Top anglers for North Island Lodge of late include three new members of the Tyee Club all with identical sized 31-pound fish. The Tyee trio consists of Issak Funk, Isser Rogowski and Ben Rogowski. Among the handful of Coho that hit the dock this week is a 10-pounder for Torin Pugmire, the best silver of the year for North Island Lodge. Many more of those to come, and bigger ones too, mark my words friends.

Issak Funk and Guide Graham Obee with a Tyee of 31 lbs.

Isser and Ben Rogowski with their 31 lb Tyee!

Alexis Gardner is all smiles with her catch at North Island Lodge.
Great news that some fabulous Halibut have been taken by North Island guests too while Salmon fishing out west, including three over 60 pounds by Greg Jessup (67), Rob Pugmire (63) and David Matuschewski (63). (Wait a minute…I know him. Howdy Dave! Glad to see you’ve made North Island Lodge an annual thing. Hope we can drop a line there together some day.)Lots of heftier caught-and-released Halibut from out west too this week for the North Island congregation, including a pair of 70-somethings for Mark Grezlo and Rocco D’Agostino. Ouch, those were close to being legal keepers. My condolences guys, but take heart in knowing those two girls are back down on a sandy bottom at about 250 feet, loaded with eggs for future generations.

Blue skies and sunny days at Langara Island.

This eagle has it's eyes on the prize. Photo by Jeff Vinnick.

A serene night on the back deck of The Clubhouse.Until next week’s report live from Port Louis, stay well friends.Tight Lines!

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