Event Recap: Beef, Barbeque & Bourbon

January 1, 2019

Event Recap: 2018 Beef, Barbeque & BourbonBy Derek Nyrose, Event HostWith the arrival of The West Coast Fishing Club’s 30th anniversary, guests will see a lot of extras with this season’s special event trips. For example, The Back Deck Bourbon Barbeque evolved into Beef, Barbeque & Bourbon. Who would have thought we could take an already fantastic event and make it better – but we did. Why change the name when we have five-time World Pitmaster Champion and recent inductee into the Barbeque Hall of Fame Tuffy Stone, as well as our talented mixologist, Ryan Cheverie from Woodford Reserve back for the third consecutive year? One hundred-day dry aged, bourbon-infused, bone in rib-eye by Chef Danny McCallum from one of Canada’s most celebrated steakhouses, Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse – that’s why!

Smoked brisket & St. Louis-style ribs by BBQ pitmaster Tuffy Stone.

Dry-aged steak tapas by Chef Danny McCallum.Guests arrived at The Clubhouse Sunday afternoon and were treated to Haida Gwaii liquid sunshine, but despite the weather anglers headed out and were rewarded with huge bait balls off of Cohoe Pt. and Andrews. Despite all the bait, action was a little slow, but guests were able to pick up some fish in the low to mid-teens. Blaine MacMillan was the top angler of the day with a beautiful 26-pound chinook found lurking amongst all that bait.Guests returned from the water to enjoy Mixologist Ryan Cheverie’ s first cocktail of the trip – The Boulevardier: consisting of equals parts Woodford Reserve, Campari, Italian Vermouth and garnished with citrus zest. Dinner was kicked off by The Clubhouse’s Executive Chef Rob Ratcliffe and his team with their traditional first-night buffet. Guests kept Ryan busy after dinner too, but with the forecast looking more promising for the next day of fishing, he managed to relax and enjoy in some of his own concoctions.

Monday morning guests were greeted by blue skies and calm seas. Robert Reynolds took top spot with a nice 27-pound chinook with Tuffy’s right hand man, Jeff Hayes nipping at his heels with a 26 for second, followed by Jeffery Boyce with a 22.

Tuffy Stone and Jeff Hayes with a nice 26 lb chinook.Lunch was highlighted by Chef Rob manning the Mugnaini wood-fired oven and made to order personal pizzas along with Ryan’s signature cocktail - Tennessee Mule.

Wood-fired pizza by Chef Rob Ratcliffe.Prior to dinner, Ryan Cheverie treated guests to the award-winning “The Only Manhattan” by Chris Enns, lead bartender at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver and winner of the Woodford Reserve Manhattan experience. Guests enjoyed Chef Rob’s a la carte dinner which was perfectly executed by his team.Guests that were relaxing in the Private Dining Room after dinner were treated to a late-night snack – courtesy of Chef Danny and Massimo. While sharing fishing stories, we were pleasantly surprised by sous chef Massimo appearing at our table with a “test run” 100-day dry aged, bourbon-infused rib eye which lasted about two seconds after hitting the table – guests were in for a real treat Wednesday night!

Guests and guest chefs enjoying the "test run" of Danny & Massimo's 100-day dry aged steak. Mother Nature decided to change the weather: easterly 40 to 50 knot winds were what guests awoke to. Gale warnings from the Southeast and Southwest gave guides the option of fishing the west side areas like Fishbowl, the Aquarium and Lacy.Although fishing and weather proved to be tough, guest Alain Patrice along with guide Jona on the new 31’ whaler found a beautiful 33-pound tyee, the first of the 30th season!As guests came off the water, Ryan had a welcome sight back in the main lounge – a Maple Smoked Old Fashion which he stirred, strained and served in a maple-smoked glass. Another addition to the trip was appetizer night: Chef Rob and Sous Chef Kale manned a halibut ceviche and charred octopus station. Chef Danny and Sous Chef Massimo brought something straight from Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse: Waygu meatballs with sherry horseradish and parmesan and A5 black Tajima Miyazaki strip lion. (A5 is the grade, Tajima is the type of cow, Miyazaki is the area in Japan and strip is the cut.)

Waygu Meatballs - a popular item on the Jacobs & Co Steakhouse menu.For dinner, guests were in for a real southern barbeque treat as it was Tuffy and Jeff’s night to shine: award-winning, competition-style brisket and St. Louis style ribs, both straight out of recipes from Tuffy’s new cookbook COOL SMOKE - The Art of Great Barbeque. The two-man crew had prepped the ingredients the evening before and that day the Yoder Smoker was firing on all cylinders all day. Executive Chef Rob and his team did an amazing job at complimenting Tuffy’s mains with traditional barbeque sides like smoked butter and jalapeno cornbread, slow cooked beans and charred collard greens just to name a few.

Tuffy Stone and Jeff Hayes serving up their award-winning brisket. I guess Mother Nature didn’t think our guides and guests had enough because the last full day of fishing was looking like a repeat of yesterday – with the exception of a slight directional change which did open the east side back up to fishing. Mixologist Ryan Cheverie’ s hard work must have paid off as he took top spot with a chrome 28-pound chinook along with a hali the was just under 20! To celebrate, Ryan came in early and created a signature drink he called “the Haida Gwaii Woodford Rye.”

Ryan Cheverie's pacific northwest inspired cocktail - the Haida Gwaii Rye.Guests were mainly targeting salmon due to the weather. We saw fish in the mid to high teens with Melissa MacNamara taking second with a 22 and Kirk Miller right behind her with a 21.5.For lunch, Tuffy and Jeff were back at it with some signature wings (recipe available in his cookbook) to compliment the kitchen team at The Clubhouse.

Tuffy Stone's signature chicken wings and fresh greens accompanied by a Tenneseecaesar. For the final night, 100 days in the making, Chef Danny and Massimo brought Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse to Langara Island. The custom 100-day dry aged, Woodford Reserve-infused, bone in ribeye was served with their restaurant’s signature Caesar salad, cheddar cheese popovers and beef tartar – made from prime tenderloin sourced from Ontario. New to the event and The Clubhouse, dinner was served family style which the guests thoroughly enjoyed.

Chef Danny and Massimo ready for dinner service.

100-day dry aged, Woodford Reserve-infused, bone in ribeye.

Jacobs & Co Steakhouse' famous caesar salad.

Beef tartar. This trip would not be complete without the special surprise back at Vancouver’s South Terminal Airport. The West Coast Fishing Club’s amazing Meet & Greet Team, Nastassia & Lauren, welcomed guests with a keepsake that was 30th anniversary worthy. Each guest received a personalized wooden Woodford Bourbon box, YETI Ramblers, Tuffy Stone’s cookbook and to top it off – a $100 Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse gift certificate accompanied by restaurant’s own customized salt.We look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2019!DRINKS Monday dinnerThe Only Manhattan by Chris Enns, lead bartender at Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver (winner of the woodford Manhattan experience)Tuesday LunchClassic Whiskey Sour1 oz Jack1.5 fresh lime1 simple syrupEgg whiteShaken, strained and served neat.Tuesday dinnerMaple Smoked Old Fashion2oz woodford1 simple syrup2 dash’s of black walnut bittersStirred, strained and served in a maple smoked glass.WednesdayTennesseeceasar1 oz of Gentleman JackServed over ice, Clamato Tabasco and The Clubhouse’s secret barbeque sauce.Wednesday night Haida Gwaii Woodford Rye1oz woodford rye1 oz grapefruit juice1/2 oz honey1/2 oz cherry liquorSplash of ginger beer

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