2021 Season Summary

December 8, 2021

Looking back on a memorable year…if you were fortunate to get out fishingThe 2021 fishing season provided our guests a much-needed escape. After a challenging year, a visit to The Club marked the first time many of our guests were able to gather under one roof after a long travel hiatus. “It feels like Christmas Eve!”, remarked one guest with excitement before their trip. From our opening to closing, you could feel the energy on and off the water as friends, family and colleagues reunited to enjoy the simple pleasures of fishing, food and good company.

Another memorable season was had at The West Coast Fishing Club.On July 1st, with full support of the Haida Nation, we kicked off our season at both The Clubhouse and The Outpost. We were fortunate to see many familiar and new faces this year and were pleased to welcome our American friends back in August after missing them in 2020. From great fishing to the active wildlife and reconnection within the natural surroundings of Haida Gwaii, the memories created this year were plentiful.

Welcoming back American guests was a highlight of our season. Thanks to the Craviotto family for visiting us from Oregon. EXCEPTIONAL SEASON OF FISHING AT THE CLUBHOUSE & OUTPOSTBoth lodges reported very strong seasons with natural ebbs and flows as expected and dictated by Mother Nature. The Chinook fishing kept guests busy all summer long with plenty of happy anglers returning to our docks. Highlights included a 62 lb tyee release for a father-son duo, double and triple header days and many guests experiencing the tug of their first salmon on the line.

The top catch of the 2021 season, a 62 lb tyee caught and released by Kris H. and guide Austin.On the weather front, both lodges reported some of most consistently nice weather they’ve seen in all their many years in Haida Gwaii. Staff even reported a day with temperatures of 22° C (71.6° F), which as many of our guests know, is highly unusual for this temperate rainforest region.TOP TYEES OF THE SEASON!If you’re into fishing, perhaps this is the news you’ve been waiting for…the season’s top Chinook! Here are the top catches of 2021:

  1. 62 lbs – Tyler H. | Edmonton, AB | Clubhouse
  2. 59 lbs – Mark S. | Vancouver, BC | Clubhouse
  3. 45 lbs – Bill S. | Prince George, BC | Clubhouse
  4. 45 lbs – Mitch C. | Keene, ON | Clubhouse
  5. 43 lbs – Jeff L. | Port Coquitlam, BC | Outpost
  6. 43 lbs – Phillip R. | Invermere, BC | Clubhouse
  7. 41 lbs – Julie L. | Langley, BC | Outpost
  8. 40 lbs – Dave G. | Lamable, ON | Clubhouse
  9. 40 lbs – Maxime L. | Chambly, QC | Clubhouse
  10. 39 lbs – M.Z. | Kamloops, BC | Clubhouse
  11. 39 lbs – Real H. | Amos, QC | Clubhouse
  12. 38 lbs – Peter D. | Edmonton, AB | Clubhouse
  13. 38 lbs – Don C. | Sidney, BC | Clubhouse
  14. 38 lbs – Marshall P. | Kelowna, BC | Clubhouse
  15. 38 lbs – Moreno D.M. | Boucherville, QC | Clubhouse

Mark S. and guide Paul with the second largest release of the season - a 59 lb tyee!

Guide Brent and guest Dave G. with an equally as impressive 40lb tyee!

Guide Brent and guest Marshall P. with a beautiful 38lb tyee!

Guest, Real H. and guide Jackson with a 39lb tyee release.

Guest Darby K. and guide Danny all smiles with this 36lb tyee release. If you can’t get enough fishing stories, head to the fishing reports section of our website to catch Mike “Screamer” Tonnesen’s reports, or sign up for our e-news for fishing news straight to your inbox.CLUBHOUSE BACK IN ACTION!

We were thrilled to share this stunning view with our guests this season. Clubhouse General Manager Jordan Knight and his team carried out a phenomenal season at The Clubhouse. Permitted to accommodate the lodge to full capacity, eager anglers jumped at the opportunity to get a taste of adventure they had been missing over the past 18 months. Staff noticed an especially strong sense of gratitude from guests this past year for having the chance to enjoy a meal in a restaurant setting, connect with another guest in the lounge and relish in the luxuries of lodge life.Big thanks to Clubhouse head guide, Mike “Screamer” Tonnesen for keeping us updated on the latest and greatest from Langara Island. One of our favourite fish stories came from a big morning with long-time father-son duo, Reg & Liam. As Screamer reported, "We had great success out at Lacy. One morning we were into steady hot Chinook fishing, peaking with a triple header, highlighted by Liam’s 35 lb chinook. Of course this fish was released, a couple pictures below show some big smiles and a nice day on the water. Reg tangled with a large halibut as well, on the salmon rod, 130 lbs which has to be released. Oops, guide fishing too deep over the reef. We also had our Coho as well, big morning out at Lacy."

Guide Screamer and long-time guest, Liam P. with a beautiful 35lb released tyee.

Reg P. hauling up a massive 130lb halibut on the salmon rod out at Lacy.

Reg’s 130lb halibut release.

Guest Mitch C. and guide Austin all smiles with a 45lb tyee release.

Guide Brent and guest Brian M. with a very impressive 37lb tyee release.

A true west coast experience for guest Jean-Claude with his first-ever salmon! We're positive he'll never forget this memory.

Kendall and Lucy on em'!

Kendall C. with a nice low twenties take-home Chinook!Around the lodge, there were some experience enhancing improvements made, including covering our back deck firepit area. Our goal was to create a space where guests can spend more time outdoors, swapping stories by the fire and taking in the uninterrupted views of Parry Pass. Each year we continue to build on our plans to further elevate the guest experience and plans are underway to continue bringing the best fishing adventure in the industry. We plan to share more in the springtime.

Our new and improved back deck after completion in Spring 2021.

Prime views for those who gather around the fire on the back deck. DAVID HAWKSWORTH & FRIENDS CULINARY ADVENTUREFood-lovers flocked from all over Canada to join us for the 15th anniversary of our David Hawksworth culinary event. As usual the chef lineup was filled with culinary heavy hitters, David Hawksworth, Sylvain Assie, Adam Pegg and Dino Renaerts who prepared inspired meals and led interactive cooking demos for guests in attendance. Due to the wildly popular culinary meets adventure concept, the 2022 David Hawksworth & Friends Culinary Adventure is already sold out. Rest assured, we have some other great events in the works to share including another culinary event and music-themed trips in September. Stay tuned for more details.

Cooking demo by Chef Dino Renaerts featured Salt Spring Honey Mussels, Summer Veg Salad & Pomme Pont Neuf with Aioli.

Chef Adam Pegg led guests through his Lingcod in Saor recipe.

David Hawksworth with the finale dish; Beef tenderloin, parsley, green peppercorn.

WCFC Marketing Manager Stephanie Hansen had the chance to test the waters during the David Hawksworth & Friends Culinary Adventure. All reports were positive!FIRST SEASON IN THE BOOKS FOR OUTPOST MANAGER, SHAWN CRAWFORD

A calm, gorgeous day at The Outpost. We were pleased to have familiar face and long-time Clubhouse guide, Shawn Crawford step into the role of General Manager of our west side lodge this season. A well-known and highly requested guide at The Clubhouse over the past 15 years, Shawn brought a unique blend of hospitality and a wealth of fishing knowledge to his new role.Shawn reported some of the most consistent weather days he’s seen in his years in Haida Gwaii and a great season on the fishing front. With a strong returning crew of veteran guides, there were many times when guests came in for lunch experiencing sore arms due to the non-stop action on the water. Birthdays were celebrated, families reunited and everyone enjoyed having miles of ocean to explore all to themselves. The Outpost is truly a hidden gem for groups looking for an intimate experience on and off the water!

A classic Port Louis sunset. Mother Nature truly never disappoints.When asked about his standout memories from the season, Shawn mentioned how much he enjoyed entertaining a brand-new set of guests in a fresh setting. He also appreciated on multiple accounts, guests pulling him aside on day one to say they wanted to rebook on the spot. “It was rewarding to hear as our team works hard behind the scenes to provide the experiences and service we do.”After a warm welcome from long-time guests at The Outpost, Shawn is itching to get back and already well into the planning for the upcoming 2022 season. From the rest of the team, congratulations to Shawn on his first season as Lodge Manager.

Fishy times at The Outpost!

The perfect take-home Chinook from this season. MAJESTIC WILDLIFE ON FULL DISPLAY THIS SEASONWhere to begin with the wildlife? The Orca and Humpback action was as incredible as ever. Guests were frequently treated to magical displays of whale sightings and eagles soaring overhead while having a fish on the line. There’s nothing that can make a person stop quicker in their tracks than the chance to observe the local Haida Gwaii wildlife simply being in their natural habitat. Here’s a few incredible photos guests tagged us in this summer.

The majestic sight of humpbacks bubble feeding. Captured by Clubhouse guest, Joan K.

Outpost Orcas coming to say hello to guide Hanes Svub's boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd9LFUcCGBgVideo courtesy of Chef Dino Renaerts.

Surprise encounter for one lucky Clubhouse guest. Over the past 33 years, we are thrilled to have created a destination where travelers come to explore, dine and reconnect with one another in a truly remote setting. We thank everyone who joined us in 2021 and we look forward to diving head first into what we anticipate will be great times ahead.Tight Lines!Ready to book your 2022 fishing adventure? Call us at 1-888-432-6666 or click here to fill out an online inquiry.

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